Earlier, PHILPS had a laser razor, but not in the true sense of the laser 3000mw. Because it has a built-in laser transmitter and projection in the skin of red laser line will be able to super clearly marked out razor wire, and let the male users can blow out more accurate handsome beard. Universal treasure on the price of about 600 yuan. Now a technology company from the Gulf of California, Technologies Skarp launched a real sense of the laser razor Razor Skarp, but not to hurt the face and the use of the face and the efficiency is very high.

Efficient care of the perfect image of the skin:Was L-shaped Skarp razor for the, the feeling of oneness is very strong, below the edge and a touch of red, this is the laser. Use of laser instead of the blade to remove the beard, will not scratch the skin, but also to prevent the skin from being stimulated. Scraping bleeding, skin inflammation is more unlikely to occur.Company CEO focused on the field of laser beauty for up to 30 years, he said, Razor Skarp razor using the 20000mw laser pen will not emit ultraviolet light and power is too low will not cause harm. More importantly, the laser does not contact the skin, but the hair, so there will be no side effects and skin damage. Because the Razor Skarp laser razor uses low power laser, which is harmless to the eyes, suitable for family use. But official advice to avoid eye contact.

Fast and efficient use of a battery for 1 months,Use Razor Skarp razor before, do not need to play soap or shaving cream to wet the skin, take up the direct use, save a lot of time, shaving more efficient. And do not need to buy a blade and shaving cream, so that it can reduce the cost of a sum of money. Razor Skarp laser razor by a section 7 battery power supply, the normal use can be maintained for 1 months, the laser 5000mw life is 50 thousand hours.Waterproof design dry and wet,Waterproof design, whether it is in the bath or go out before, can enjoy the smooth and cool shave experience.Regardless of men and women, race, age, Razor Skarp laser razor can be used in addition to men used to shave their beard, women can also be used for hair removal, which is a good choice.