Tape measure as a necessary tool in the home, although practical, but because of too much use of old traditions has often been criticized. Today, design is an addiction to introduce an enhanced version of intelligent tape: tape by the Bagel Labs designed the same name.

The tape can be described as powerful, it has three modes when using optional. string model, which is used to measure the linear length, using the same method and the traditional measuring tape, except that it is optional DYNEEMA ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene fiber, rather than Michi, more durable, length is limited to 3 meters. wheel mode when you can not use your hands to measure absolute can come in handy, just gently slide, can record the length and distance, length limit of 33 meters. remote mode definition, for distance measurement using high power laser pointer rays can easily measure the horizontal and vertical distances, the limit is 5 meters.

Powerful, yet simple to use easy to use. After using any mode of treatment object to be measured is measured, you can choose to save the length and content of the speech input measurement data then can use Bluetooth to your phone corresponding to the APP for storage and mobile phones operate on the data side.

It can use USB cable for charging, the unit can select a variety of lengths. Product is still crowdfunding phase is expected to end in November 2016 began shipping crowdfunding, crowdfunding orders shipped to manufacturers time message shall prevail.