New Therapeutic Laser Instrument

In the early 1950s, Russia will be the first 650 nm red laser application in the medical field, the Russian astronauts will with 30000mw laser pointer energy into space as an important tool for daily care, medical field in the world was shocked. The latest laser medical research shows that the body's absorption of laser wavelength selective, 650 nm laser energy is very easy to be absorbed by the body, and produce energy effects and biological effects, so it is called "the gold band of human blood".

Available in the market the latest released spent several years of painstaking research and development of two new products: health benefits hall semiconductor Laser Pointer Light Match blood oxygen therapy instrument and the benefits of health hall hand laser therapeutic instrument, these two new products are used the human blood gold band ".The semiconductor laser blood oxygen treatment instrument, mainly through indoor air separation of high concentration of oxygen and with wavelength for 650 nm laser radiation combined with improved and recovery of red blood cells carrying oxygen capacity and deformation of, by improving the hemorheological parameters, through the oxygen and high pulmonary blood oxygen saturation, which caused by hypoxia ischemia of coronary heart disease, high blood lipid disorders, hypertension, cerebral infarction patients to treatment effect.

It is understood that this product with green laser irradiation, oxygen supply at the same time the combo technology, neck artery multi cavity and nasal cavity and irradiation, more than one therapy, U shape design, the size can be, medial multiple laser irradiation head neck irradiation corresponding points, nasal wire with the host integration, dislocation exhaust design, combo of nasal wires, one button operation, energy saving and environmental protection, etc. technical features and advantages.

high powerful 5000mw green laser pointer burning cigarette
The semiconductor laser blood oxygen treatment instrument is mainly used for improvement caused by coronary heart disease, high blood fat disease, hypertensive disease and cerebral infarction disease, cardio cerebral ischemia and hypoxia symptoms, health benefits hall R & D semiconductor laser blood oxygen treatment instrument on the road of a new bright spot.There are twelve meridians of the hands of the people, 86 meridian and 224 acupoint, acupoint and every organ in the body has a close relationship, dorsal superficial vein rich, skin, thin and soft, high transmittance, more easily absorbed laser 5000mw energy.Clinical study found that stimulation of the corresponding points on the hand can adjust the corresponding tissue and organ function, can improve the pathological state, so as to prevent and cure diseases the role of physical fitness, for to research and development of this hand semiconductor laser therapeutic instrument.

Hand semiconductor green laser 3000mw therapeutic instrument is mainly used in high viscosity hyperlipidemia, high fat disease, ischemic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and rhinitis treatment, the important principle is by low intensity laser of 650 nm wavelength on blood vessels and acupoint were irradiated by photochemical reaction, reduce blood viscosity, the hemodynamics and blood lipids, blood glucose metabolism and carrying capacity of oxygen etc. is improved, and thus play a role in the treatment.