As we all know, the file cabinet is to help us deal with the chaotic birth of product items, according to the functions can be divided into general data cabinets, drawing cabinets, intensive cabinets, counter staff, lockers, wardrobe, shoe and so on. But with the development of the times, more and more people pay attention not only convenient and simple, and the pursuit of functionality and beauty coexist. To solve the traditional wooden file cabinet easy to damp, rot and other issues, a500mw green laser durable wear metal file cabinet came into being.

Then the metal file cabinet is how to process it? It can be simply divided into the following.

1. Punch Processing

Punch press is actually, according to the work of different production models corresponding to complete the work, the need to fold after stamping, spot welding, pickling and phosphating, spray, assembly and a series of processing operations. Relative product type for relatively simple processing, when the product range more complex situation will consume a lot of mold, increased operating costs.

2. Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting is a high temperature plasma arc metal heat locally melted workpiece at the incision, and the high velocity plasma by exclusion momentum of the molten metal to form a processing method incision. The advantage is the ability to cut thick plate, less expensive, but the effect of cutting edge rough and black oxide layer, accuracy is not high.

3. Flame Cutting

Flame cutting generated by a chemical reaction between oxygen and steel enough heat to melt the steel, the steel sheet is a rough way. Not suitable for cutting stainless steel or aluminum and other metal materials, but also inappropriate finishing.

4. Laser Cutting

Laser cutting using a high power 2000mw green laser beam is heated, melted and then evaporated material. Laser cutting is suitable for almost all types of metal materials, with invisible light beam instead of the traditional mechanical knives and cutting speed, cut smooth, generally without post-processing. Less affected by heat cutting, high precision, so that sheet metal processing deformation. Use mapping software to work with cutting, no mold, not only to achieve product diversification, can greatly reduce the cost of mold.

As people of metal file cabinets machining accuracy and product style pursuit, significantly more laser 5000mw cutting machine slightly better on their applications. At the same cost, compared with the same output, laser cutting machine can offer more product variety, greatly improve the precision index, metal file cabinets to achieve product diversification, multi-functional, high quality, and promote technical metal file cabinets reform.