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New Jersey's office announced. Lopez-Bender -- who is set to appear later Thursday in a Newark, New Jersey, federal court -- or his lawyer could not immediately be reached for comment.If convicted on the charge, he could be jailed as many as five years and be forced to pay as much as a $250,000 fine.So-called laser attacks have become an increasing problem in the United States, in part because handheld 300mw laser pointer have become more common and affordable. To this point, while there were a mere 283 such strikes, the FAA reported 3,984 in 2014.That works out to about 10.5 incidents a day. And the rate has only gone up since then, with the FAA reporting 5,352 such strikes for 2015 as of mid-October. On a single day last May, 12 commercial aircraft got struck by lasers just in New Jersey.

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While these attacks have become more common, it's much more rare for someone to be arrested and convicted for carrying them out -- though federal authorities have recently made catching those who do, and ideally dissuading others from doing the same, a priority.

1000mw Laser Pointer pack more punch, the study says. Eyes are more sensitive to green lasers, which is why those are more dangerous to pilots. They "will be perceived to be far brighter," the authors wrote, "and as a consequence will result in a greater degree of dazzle.""Maybe we should think about banning green," Wolzinger suggested.But Marshall thinks that might be difficult. Green pointers are very popular because they're much easier to see in classroom situations, he said.

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Although laser pointers can't inflict permanent damage to airborne pilots, there may be cause for concern in the future, Marshall said. 400mw laser pointer have been getting more powerful and easier to buy online. In the past, they've been mostly red beams with an energy output of 1 milliwatt, he said.But over the past eight years, lasers are shifting to mostly green with energy outputs of up to 300 milliwatts -- or even 6,000 milliwatts."The European Commission has mandated the European Standardisation bodies to produce a standard specifically for consumer laser products," Marshall and his co-authors wrote in an editorial. "This should allow enforcing authorities to remove unsafe products from the market. However, compliance by manufacturers will remain an issue, as will direct imports by the public purchasing unsafe laser products over the internet."