In a real Laser pointer battle, your body will evaporate!

Burning laser pointers also called lightsaber,they were dreamed big and small, including experts in the field also to seek a breakthrough, in their laboratory, the development of these weapons in the future, or at least technology. But even if it is theoretically possible to make a weapon, the weapon would be extremely dangerous.

Whatever their name is not a lightsaber, but the exact is plasma knife. This includes the free charge in a force field, the key contains a plasma that is the magnetic field. And this is the way to achieve the ability to use nuclear fusion. It takes an incredible temperature, and it's a pretty complicated environment. One of them, ITER should be completed in 2019.

Plasma light emission in two ways. First because they are very hot, the sun is a good example of plasma, in the minimum temperature, the color range from red to blue.High power 5000mw green laser in the maximum power to also can turn blue. Another method is very similar with filament lamps, which is the current flowing in the plasma. Also, it is possible to get different colors by changing the composition of the plasma.

From the physical point of view, the 3000mw laser pointer is feasible, but must have sufficient power supply conditions! Its energy demand is huge. Therefore, significant progress has been made in this field, on the one hand, there must be advanced technical support, on the other hand, the need to meet energy needs! Before, we always assume that this weapon is small, but it is actually more likely to be! If you encounter is like a movie Lightsaber Battle scene, it is very dangerous. When a plasma with a magnetic field has a collision, a magnetic reconnection, a field line is then completely changed, everything is re aligned in the new configuration, the release of incredible energy.

flashlight style 200mw green laser pointer

200mw laser pointer can be through the observation of the northern lights, when the particles contained in the solar wind plasma collision energy of the earth's magnetic field in order to be released. The magnetic reconnection is almost impossible to avoid, the consequence is unimaginable. As a matter of fact, contained in a lightsaber in plasma will randomly distributed. Then your body and your opponent will likely be completely evaporated......

So, be careful lightsaber!