Analysis of Laser Processing Technology in the Automotive Industry

By using a laser interaction with matter, according to certain requirements for processing or molding, collectively known as light manufacturing. Nearly 20 years, technology has penetrated into light manufacturing and industrial high-tech fields, and began to replace or retrofit some traditional processing industry. In the automotive industry in developed countries, 50% -70% of the parts is done by 10000mw laser processing. Light manufacturing technology to improve the level of R & D and manufacturing in the automotive industry, are playing an increasingly important role.

Light Manufacturing Technology Features

Light manufacturing techniques currently used in the main light source is a laser, a 500mw green laser beam having a high energy density, high single palladium, high directivity characteristics of the light manufacturing technology has many traditional manufacturing techniques less advantage.The technology used tool is the "laser sword", no tool wear when machining; no effect on cutting force on the workpiece during processing, so the workpiece without cold deformation; due process energy into high speed, the workpiece heat has little effect, so little thermal deformation of the workpiece can approach or reach the "cold" processing status, high precision manufacturing of the conventional techniques can not be performed; good spatial controlled laser (beam direction changes, rotation, scan, etc.) and a time controlled (open,off,pulse interval), it is particularly suitable for automated processing, in a large-scale manufacturing production efficiency; materials, shapes, sizes and degrees of freedom of laser processing environment object to be processed are great; low noise, and does not produce harmful rays the residue, the production process of the small environmental pollution; save mold, shorten product development cycles, reduce development costs; less material waste, low manufacturing costs in large-scale production.

Automotive Industry Light Manufacturing Technology Category

Light manufacturing technology in the automotive industry can be divided into light "cold" process, the light "hot" process, light rapid prototyping three kinds of categories.

1. Light "cold" processing technology

Conventional cold light corresponding process manufacturing technology 2000mw green laser cutting, laser drilling, laser marking and laser cutting. Laser cutting speed, cut smooth, good trimming parallelism, no purchase subsequent processing; narrow kerf; incision no mechanical stress, no cutting burr; high precision, good repeatability, does not damage the workpiece surface. Laser drilling speed, high efficiency, suitable for multi-quantity, high-density cluster hole machining; laser drilling for a larger depth to diameter ratio can be processed on a hard, brittle, soft, and other materials, even in the inclined surface of the hole machining difficult materials; laser drilling process clean, pollution-free. Laser marking is non-contact marking, fast, easy to wear tags, laser marking machine and very easy to combine with lines. Laser cutting is similar to a process for milling machining, a laser beam which is focused on the use of the material layer by layer cutting.

2. Light "hot" processing technology

With conventional thermal processing corresponding light manufacturing technology for laser 200mw welding, laser surface hardening, laser cladding and alloying. Laser welding is a high-intensity laser beam weld metal is locally heated to a temperature above the melting process from fusion welded joints. Weldable refractory metal, non-metallic, composite materials and other special materials, welding and soldering can be achieved special structure of dissimilar materials; weld has "self-cleaning" effect, high weld quality; for accurate welding, generally do not need filler metal; light guide system by the laser beam and multiple devices constituting flexible manufacturing system, a high degree of automation of welding, high production efficiency; high-energy beam welding, laser welding biggest feature is no vacuum chamber, no x-rays . Laser surface hardening into laser transformation hardening and laser hardening fused two kinds. Laser transformation hardening, also known as laser hardening, which is based on high-power laser beam quickly scan the workpiece in the irradiated metal or alloy surface temperature at breakneck speed rises above the phase on the point, the laser beam is irradiated to leave the site, due to thermal conduction, is cold substrate it is rapidly cooled and self-cooled quenching to obtain finer hardened layer structure, hardness is generally higher than conventional quenching hardness; similar laser remelting hardening process with the foregoing procedure, except that the 100mw laser light heating surface temperature higher, the final part formed on the surface layer of tissue coagulation tiny flame hardened layer. Laser welding is the use of high-energy laser beam welding material to the substrate surface together with a thin layer of rapid melting, forming an alloy coating has a completely different composition and properties of the metallurgical bond with the substrate.

3. Light Rapid Prototyping

Light rapid prototyping technology principle is under computer control, according to the cad parts such as design models and data with a green laser pointer beam curing the molding material layer by layer, from the point, the surface (layer) line structure part, by the accumulation of accurate three-dimensional surface part solid model or process. By light rapid prototyping technology, can significantly shorten the product development cycle and greatly reduce the development costs that can quickly adapt to market changes to produce a product, maintain and strengthen product competitiveness in the market. At the same time, the use of light rapid prototyping technology for achieving effective concurrent engineering and agile manufacturing technical approach. In the new century, the automotive industry is moving into a flexible processing can be performed according to user requirements lean production stage, the automotive industry appears flexible modular production, the modern automobile industry is also toward the direction of the development of high and new technology, automotive technology is experiencing a traditional mechanical manufacturing technology transition to advanced manufacturing technology.Light manufacturing technology for the development and manufacturing of automotive energized. It is anticipated that the present century, light manufacturing technology in the automotive industry in the application will be developed rapidly, the auto industry will become an important processing methods.