Metal is a shiny, ductile material, therefore, most of the metal can be made beautiful, exquisite handicrafts or jewelry, such as gold rings, silver necklaces, iron products and so on. The starting absorbance of the metal pair of 10.6 μm brightest laser pointer beam is only 0.5% to 10%. However, when a focused laser beam having a power density exceeding 106 w / cm2 is irradiated onto the metal surface, it can be made in a microsecond time The surface begins to melt. The absorption rate of most metals in the molten state rises sharply, generally by 60% to 80%.

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Laser cutting is the use of high-density laser beam scanning the surface of the material in a very short period of time the material heated to tens of thousands to tens of thousands of degrees Celsius, the material melting or gasification, and then high-pressure gas will melt or gasification material from the slit Blow away to achieve the purpose of cutting materials. Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing, can reduce the processing time, reduce processing costs, improve the quality of the workpiece. Xiaobian for everyone to analyze the burning laser pointer cutting machine cutting several kinds of metal materials, specifically the following seven:

Processing Technology of Carbon Steel Laser Cutting Machine. Modern laser cutting system can cut the maximum thickness of carbon steel plate up to 20mm, the use of oxidative melting laser cutting machine cutting carbon steel slit can be controlled in a satisfactory width range, the thin section of the slit can be narrowed to 0.01mm or so.

Processing Technology of Stainless Steel Laser Cutting Machine. Fiber laser cutting machine for the manufacturing industry is an effective processing tool. In the strict control of the laser cutting process of heat input measures, you can limit the trimming heat affected zone becomes very small, so as to more effectively maintain the good corrosion resistance of such materials.

Processing Technology of Titanium and Alloy Laser Cutting Machine. Pure titanium can be a good combination of focusing green astronomy laser beam transformation of thermal energy, auxiliary gas when the use of oxygen when the chemical reaction is intense, faster cutting, but easy to produce oxide layer in the trimming, careless also cause burning. For the sake of safety, the use of air as auxiliary gas is better to ensure the quality of cutting. Aircraft manufacturing industry commonly used titanium laser cutting quality is better, although the bottom of the slit will have a little sticky slag, but it is easy to clear.

Processing Technology of Aluminum and Alloy Laser Cutting Machine. Aluminum cutting is melting and cutting, the auxiliary gas used is mainly used to blow away the molten product from the cutting zone, usually get a better cut surface quality. For some aluminum alloys, it is important to prevent the formation of intergranular microcracks on the surface of the slit.

Copper and alloy laser cutting machine processing technology. Pure copper (copper) due to too high reflectivity, can not be cut with CO2 laser beam. Can only use the specific anti-high anti-power fiber laser cutting machine. Brass (copper alloy) using a strongest laser pointer cutting machine, auxiliary gas using air or oxygen, you can cut the thin plate.

Processing Technology of Nickel Alloy Laser Cutting Machine. Nickel-based alloys also known as super alloys, many varieties. Most of which can be implemented by oxidative melting cutting.

Processing Technology of Alloy Steel Laser Cutting Machine. Most alloy structural steel and alloy tool steels can be used to achieve good cutting edge quality by laser cutting. Even some high-strength materials, as long as the process parameters control properly, can be straight, non-stick slag trimming. However, for tungsten-containing high-speed tool steel and hot-die steel, 3000mw green laser cutting will have the phenomenon of erosion and sticky slag.

With the rapid development of the laser industry, related laser technology and laser products are becoming more mature. In the field of laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal processing industry, low maintenance costs, high cutting quality. Relative to YAG and C02 these two types of laser cutting machine, more market share.