As a new light source, laser has the characteristics of good directivity, high brightness, good monochromatic and high energy density. Laser based laser industry is developing rapidly in the world. It has been widely used in industrial production, communication, information processing, medical and health, military, cultural education and scientific research. According to statistics, from high-end fiber to common barcode scanners, annual and laser pointer related products and services market value of up to $1 trillion.

The laser industry has formed a complete and mature industry chain distribution, upstream mainly includes laser materials and matching components, mainly for middle and supporting all kinds of laser equipment, laser application in the downstream products, consumer products, instruments and equipment. China domestic laser market mainly includes laser processing equipment, optical communication devices and equipment, laser equipment, laser, laser medical equipment, laser components, application lies in industrial processing and optical communication market, both of which occupy nearly 7 of the market share.

At present Chinese laser industry is mainly used in laser processing, medical and other industries, the field of scientific research and development accounted for 12%, accounted for 32% of the field of material processing, communications accounted for 12%, accounted for 14% of the information field, medical field measurement and other areas accounted for 20%, accounted for 9% and 1%. As of now, the China a total of 5 national high power laser pointer technology research center, more than and 10 research institutions; 21 provinces, municipalities and the production and sales of laser products, perennial styling products production and sales, and formed a certain scale of unit more than and 200. Domestic laser industry has formed a laser crystal, key components, accessories, lasers, laser systems, application development, public service platform and other links constitute a more complete industrial chain.

China's laser processing industry can be divided into four industrial belts, the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, central China and the Bohai region. With the emphasis of these four industries, the Pearl River Delta in small and medium power laser processing machine, the Yangtze River Delta with high power laser cutting welding equipment, Bohai high-power laser cladding and solid-state laser, led by Wuhan, the central region is covered with large, medium and small laser processing equipment.

With China's manufacturing transformation and upgrading, some of the old industrial base and small business base, began to transition to high-end manufacturing. For example, Wenzhou laser industry cluster and Anshan vigorously develop the laser industry. Since the "65" countries have given special attention to burning laser pointer technology, so only today China's laser industry booming. Now, the development of laser technology and industrialization is very fast in the world. In gas lasers and application systems, more and more sophisticated technologies. In the field of solid laser, new crystal materials appear constantly, and new laser technology is developing. To keep up with the pace of development in the world, to provide technical support and Everfount talents for China laser industry support, we must strengthen the construction of laser technology innovation base, especially the construction of innovation base.

Keep pace with the international advanced level of technological development, key breakthroughs in a number of key technologies to address the constraints of China's laser technology industry development bottlenecks. Closely combined with the main battlefield of national economic construction, with the transformation and commercialization of scientific and technological achievements as the core, the key technologies of laser unit devices, system integration and processing technology are mainly solved. Increase new product development efforts to provide technical reserves for industrial development.

For laser cutting and laser welding, using optical devices, optical system and laser processing equipment components, to provide new technology, new design and new prototype, fast flow CO2 laser, focus on the development and production of high power all solid axis YAG laser, new mobile laser processing machine and laser composite welding technology. Specific measures are as follows:

The establishment of research platform of common technology for automotive sheet metal cutting and welding metallurgy of steel roll; broadband heat treatment, surface cladding, laser welding of steel in metallurgical industry equipment, green laser pointer texturing equipment; underground pipelines of laser processing in petroleum industry. Localization, serialization, generalization and standardization of key common technology and supporting equipment. To establish a new type of laser research and development through the introduction of foreign fast axial flow CO2 laser technology, improve the domestic high power CO2 laser production capacity and product quality, based on the absorption of CO2 laser has introduced a high quality, high stability and high power. Focus on the development of RF excitation, fast axial flow CO2 laser and more than million kilowatts; the development of multi wavelength high power solid-state laser (>1kW), 100 ~ 1000W laser diode pumped solid laser and ultraviolet band. Focus on the development of pump modules, and strive to establish a more comprehensive DPSSL production base in china.

On the basis of many results obtained by the past, in recent years, the research on the three levels of system integration and application, high stability of laser and laser model and Realization of industrialization has made a breakthrough, but the industry still needs to solve the problem.

Integration of system integration to develop the core of Wuhan laser processing industry. System integrator is a region, the development of an industry leader, only the strength of the system integrators grow, the entire industry can be driven up. The purpose of system integrator integration is that each enterprise has its own characteristics and advantages. According to the characteristics of the current system integrators, may wish to set up solid laser equipment, laser cutting equipment, laser medical equipment, large-scale laser processing equipment and laser processing stations and other forms of system integrators, owners of existing enterprises become the company's investment, in the process of integration of the existing system integrators, the government should play a good intermediary and service roles, create opportunities for enterprises to mature conditions on listing and financing, further optimize the structure of property rights, to lay a good foundation for further development.

Improve the supply chain birth and growth of a number of core technology components suppliers. The basis of an industry is supported by many parts suppliers. For the Wuhan area, so the parts suppliers should include group optical devices (such as optical lens, focusing lens, reflector and optical fiber etc.), precision machining, laser power and precision of electronic and electrical etc.. At the same time these parts suppliers groups should have the core technology in this field, which is of great significance to promote the entire 50mw laser pointer processing industry. Supporting enterprises is the basis of an industry, especially to master the core technology and supporting enterprises with independent intellectual property rights, the significance of the huge role in promoting industrial development.

The introduction of a high starting point of digestion, encourage the development of a number of supporting enterprises is the first to encourage enterprises and research institutions cooperation, which is more efficient way; secondly, enterprises should focus on the development of technology trends, continuous innovation; third, development of government through the science and technology project plan arrangement, tax policy and other means to encourage supporting enterprises.

Increasing market strength requires system integrators to have greater input in the promotion of laser processing technology and the establishment of a market network, including opening up overseas markets at a certain time. Through the popularization of application, technology radiation and personnel training, the establishment of laser processing demonstration applications in the center, processing stations, joint ventures, promote the development of China's laser processing industry.

Domestic capital platform: to achieve the diversification of equity investment, the introduction of listed companies, state-owned investment companies, private capital; foreign investment: the proportion of foreign investment in the field of energy photonics Wuhan China Optics Valley is small. The introduction of foreign capital can start supporting industries to foreign investment, after all the technical advantages in most related with energy photoelectron matching field, and unlike the investment investment system supporting the integration as big; foreign: the proposed state and local governments to establish regional laser processing industry and the increase financial support strength, making full use of the structural characteristics of domestic the economy and society with high efficiency as the goal, application of advanced manufacturing technologies, high efficiency laser, 5mw laser pointer processing production line design and manufacturing with international leading level. The introduction of foreign advanced technology and funds, the establishment of a number of production lasers and complete sets of equipment joint venture to improve the level of China's laser products.