Recently, located in Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang hi tech park, Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics - HKUST Super Laser Laboratory came the good news, Shanghai ultrashort laser experimental device (SULF) important progress achieved pre research work, the successful implementation of the 5 petawatt 30000mw laser pointer pulse output, leading to the current international similar research.

What is "super ultra short laser"?

Ultra intense ultra short laser light source is the most bright light source. Laser light source can output great energy, power = power / time =w/t, 1 watts (power) =1 joule per second. From this we can see that the same work, work time is short, the power will be greater. When the time tends to infinity, the power tends to infinity. For 1 joule of energy, if the pulse of the laser pulse time from one second to 0.1 seconds, it will be 10 watts of power. If from 1 second to 0.001 seconds, it will be 1000 watts of power.

Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Institute of High Field Laser Physics National Key Laboratory Director Leng Yuxin told reporters that 1 petawatt is equal to 1000 trillion watts, equivalent to 500 times the global average power grid. Shanghai Institute of the successful implementation of 5 petawatt green laser pointerpulses in the femtosecond time scale is (ten million seconds 1/100000000) level, the power up to 5000 trillion watts level. With this light source, we can generate controllable extreme conditions in the laboratory, we can carry out a series of physical phenomena.

"Super ultra short laser" what is the use?

Ultrashort laser is the latest frontier of development and international competition in key areas of laser technology, with major scientific significance and application value. Desktop can be used to develop electronic accelerators and ultrafast X-ray source of protein atomic motion imaging probe reveals the secrets of life; can be used to develop laser proton knife for treatment of cancer; can also be used to produce antimatter, research and astrophysics origin of the universe, the future may also be used to detect dark matter and the vacuum structure.

Reporters learned that, in recent years, the international community has invested heavily in a number of countries to carry out 10 Petawatt (1 petawatt = 10 million billion watts, the equivalent of 500 times the global average power grid) class large ultrashort burning laser pointer device development, competition is fierce. The EU supports the Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI) project scheduled to be completed Petawatt user device 10 in 2018, France and Britain also is developing its own 10 Petawatt means the United States, Russia and Japan have proposed a hundred Petawatt Ultra strong ultrashort laser device research idea. Pre-research work of ultrashort laser experimental device (SULF) made significant progress on the stage HKUST intense laser light source Joint Laboratory, successfully achieved 5 Petawatt pulse output, SULF project is scheduled - Shanghai Institute of Optics and Fine Mechanics in 2017, the first to achieve international 10 Petawatt output targets.

Development of Shanghai ultrashort laser experimental device (SULF) were included in the construction of Shanghai have global influence Kechuang center, build a world-class cluster of major infrastructure facilities of the first major projects, will also be the Shanghai Zhangjiang comprehensive national Science Center one of the core platform. Ultrashort Red Laser Pointer experimental device will not only meet its own research needs, will be open to the user as a development platform. The first experimental device will be built three experimental user terminal, service in extreme conditions, materials science, chemistry and macromolecular ultrafast dynamics and ultrafast subatomic physics, for universities, research institutions and enterprises at home and abroad fully open and fully integrated into Shanghai light source means for forming a multidisciplinary research platform.