Whether it is making cars or planes require the use of steel and steel billets usually are stored as long-term exposure and become rusty, affect the appearance and performance. Thus, the rust will be a daunting thing.

According to reports, rust when subjected to high temperatures will instantly vaporize to form a plasma from, due to lower metal high reflectance of light, and therefore has been part of rust despite exposure to laser 200mw light will no longer be damaged, so this laser rust manner that is efficient, secure, and letters and even parts of the surface, every corner of God such as bolts perfectly cleaned.

Now, the Belgian P-LASER company gives a simple solution, using a high-energy 20000mw blue laser to ablate rust, very high efficiency. P-LASER introduced its latest model QF-1000 hand-held laser blasting machine that uses 1000 watts of laser metal surface rust, paint etc. debris burned, while taking advantage of the reflective properties of the metal to light ensure that the part itself is not damaged.