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LIBS Laser Separation Technology

Le 21 janvier 2017, 09:29 dans Société 0

"China's aluminum recycling plants, smelters and refineries will benefit from the TORON separation LIBS technology, which is the world's largest producer of aluminum," said Xie Xiaohan, general manager of Tollang Separation's Recycling business in China. However, there is still much room for improvement in the recycling of used aluminum, which is almost the same quality as primary aluminum, but only 5% of primary aluminum is consumed in the production of recycled aluminum. Therefore, both the economic and environmental point of view, the use of advanced high power laser pointer technology to optimize the aluminum recycling industry chain, should be the focus of industry development.Tao Lang Group believes that LIBS sorting technology can play an important role in upgrading the industrial chain.

Taurang Sorting Resource Recycling recently launched the ultra-efficient LIBS automatic sorting technology and the newly upgraded X-TRACT device. The powerful LIBS technology utilizes dynamic lasers to scan the full bandwidth of the conveyor belt, extending both sortable scrap and reclaimed aluminum grades, significantly increasing throughput and ensuring higher purity after sorting, maximizing added value .

The main advantage of this new hybrid metal sorting technology is the ability to more fully sort and utilize recyclable metals from mixed materials to release more value from previously wasted resources. At the same time, you can significantly save energy, reduce the cost of sorting, and increase profit margins. Through this green technology, customers can more effectively use waste, but also fully reflects the waste recycling industry's commitment to sustainable development.

The new LIBS green laser pointer sorting technology based on existing sensing sorting technology, to further enhance the sorting effect of existing technology. Taurang's X-TRACT sorting equipment, upgraded via LIBS technology, offers higher performance and can be used to classify scrap grades into 5xxx and 6xxx alloys and remove all unwanted impurities.Tollang Group has sold more than 60 aluminum sorting units in Europe, Asia and North America. As one of the world's leading suppliers of scrap metal sorting, the Taurang Group's advanced and reliable technology solutions are widely used for sorting taint tabor from scrap, extruded profile scrap and used beverage cans, Aluminum scrap in industrial waste.

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LightFab is a start-up company founded in Rheinisch Westfaelische Technische Hochschule Aachen University. LightFab uses SLE technology to produce 3D precision parts made of quartz glass. LightFab's machine greatly improves the productivity of 3D printing of glass parts used in prototype manufacturing and production of a series of products, enabling the use of SLE technology to achieve mass production of parts.

The project partners saw numerous potential applications of the cheap laser pointer technology. It is not only able to produce channels in glass materials, but also to produce nozzles and other micro devices. The technology also provides unique advantages in drilling and cutting processes. Ablation can achieve the ablation of the material without tension, which has many advantages, such as the manufacture of the interlayer structure in semiconductor technology. It is capable of generating a micro structure of 10 m.

The researchers are working with three laser source manufacturers (Amphos, Edgewave and Trumpf) and the three systems suppliers (4JET, LightFab and Pulsar Photonics) cooperation. Their goal is to develop a multi beam system for large surface applications, as well as to develop a smaller system for micro machining.

According to reports, the "Dalian source" wavelength in the extreme ultraviolet region completely adjustable, with full coherence; the burning laser pointer can work in femtosecond or picosecond pulse mode, you can use the SASE (self amplified spontaneous emission (HGHG) or high gain amplification of harmonic mode). The project of Dalian light source was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, which was jointly developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics and Shanghai Institute of applied physics. The project in Dalian Changxing Island on October 2014 officially started construction, the end of September 2016 completed the first installation of light, creating a new record Chinese similar large scientific equipment construction.

Analysis of Three Competitive Points in Laser Cutting Market

Le 18 janvier 2017, 09:02 dans Vie professionnelle 0

Today, with the change of economic environment, laser cutting machine market demand, between the various brands, manufacturers of the competition has been white hot. In this regard, we can feel a new project of laser cutting machine needs less, fewer people buy inquiry, the equipment is difficult, payment period, customers are not so straightforward and generous, "began to carp...... These are the "business" is not good in performance, if such "a pile of messy performance carry out to solve, it will make people confused. However, if the current 10000mw laser pointer cutting machine industry competition is summed up, it can be attributed mainly to the brand, price and channel, and the several aspects of the service competition.

Laser cutting machine brand differentiation is the core advantage or personality differences products into the brand, to meet the individual needs of target customers. The success of the laser cutting machine brand has a different characteristic, are different from competitors, then in a form consistent from beginning to end brand differentiation and customer psychological needs connected by way of brand positioning accurate information to convey to the market, to occupy a favorable position in the minds of potential customers. The purpose is to create and develop certain characteristics for their laser cutting machine products, distinctive personality, establish a unique image of the market, which is different from competitors, and effectively determine the products in the minds of customers in the neutral position. In laser cutting machine enterprises and products more and more homogenization tendency, more and more similar products, competition is increasingly fierce, in order to break through, the enterprise must according to the selection strategy for brand positioning of their actual needs, find the appropriate market position for their own enterprises and products.

high power laser pointer cutting machine brand has a high reputation, customers can get the praise, must be derived from the excellent quality and perfect service, this is not the basis of brand, excellent quality and perfect service, a good brand will be spurned by the customer. The performance in the market for the purchase of a laser cutting machine products, customers can continue to buy and recommend to other people's enthusiasm for the brand. Improve product and service quality is the premise to enhance the brand, it is directly related to whether a real brand and famous brand.

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Here, the competition is divided into two parts: product quality and service quality. With the metal laser cutting machine in Chinese market more than and 10 years of rapid development, the entry threshold decreases rapidly, metal laser cutting machine is no longer mysterious, but because the processing level, each company's manufacturing precision difference caused by the brand products showed a larger difference in efficiency, consumption and stability etc., especially compared with foreign brands, even more so. In the higher energy consumption, environmental protection and product quality in the future, the role of market competition will become more and more prominent. The service includes pre-sale, sale and customer service service, including pre-sale and sale of services can be connected as a whole, as a kind of sales skills, this is the need to pay attention to the local sales staff. Customer service and service as a separate type of service, has been the laser cutting machine manufacturers, distributors pay more and more attention. Because it is not only a continuation of the service trade, is also a kind of marketing ideas and methods, to create their own high-end customer service service brand is the next 5000mw laser pointer cutting machine supplier actively practice direction. We can see that more than the manufacturer is proposed to strengthen the customer service service, a new understanding of customer service service agents at all levels.

But at the same time in the customer service service also has a negative phenomenon, one is the excess service, maintenance repair can not repair but for minor repair, change, repair changes theoverhaul; one is to recuperate, always room maintenance, a temporary solution needs, just like a quack "ear" the same; three is to get service at a low price, alternative way away the original customer service service items, but this type of service team maintenance work is simple and crude, easy money grab maintenance projects, or because the technology is not in place Difficult miscellaneous diseases caused by illness into serious illness would vanish without a trace. As a result, the relationship between tension, forming a vicious circle. The supplier believes himself to the meager profits of equipment will be sold to customers, not earn other profits in addition to provide warranty, once customers encounter problems difficult to solve, out of revenge: provide services either don't want to either increase the cost of service. That is their own money and customer equipment purchased, and the original customer service service price and the market price difference is large, you want to make service who let who service, but can not solve the problem encountered in the equipment, manufacturers, agents also need to do service obligations.

The actual formation of such a contradictory reason only one, that is the cost of after-sales service, that is, the price competition, mainly in the genuine and high imitation and substitutes on the price difference. In fact, the price of cheap laser pointer cutting machine industry is a sensitive topic, but we can analyze what is about the price of laser cutting machine. 1, production and transaction costs, 2, information asymmetry, 3, manufacturers and channel business profits.

In theory, the production scale of the production cost is low, but in actual laser cutting machine industry, the production scale to produce production cost difference is not great. Due to the expansion of the scale of production can bring mass production and procurement of low-cost advantage, but also brings the rise of management cost. The previous large-scale production to reduce production costs is based on low labor costs, but because of demographic dividend gradually disappear China, the cost of human resources in economic activity accounted for more than, and at the same time, the bigger (brand) the higher the grade, the higher the investment in human resources management. In order to balance the cost of production, the difference is not large, with a small power laser cutting machine as an example, international brands and domestic brands of small cost difference of at least 1000 to 2000 yuan, the price of twenty thousand yuan in the laser cutting equipment is normal, because the overall price difference is 5000 yuan.

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To improve brand competitiveness by reducing the cost of production is the primary stage of the competition, because in a certain extent, the production cost can not be unlimited compression. In the laser cutting machine serious homogenization of today, is the result of excessive press production cost reduction with lower quality, shoddy. This is not a new thing in the laser cutting machine market. So to improve the brand premium, but also from other aspects.

Another is the cost of transaction costs, including business taxes and produces all kinds of laser cutting machine trade logistics, pr. The first two with the national policy, the level of logistics development, and the third green laser pointer cutting machine market development level. In recent years, due to the laser cutting machine industry in a buyer's market, by means of non normal open trading joint has become the unspoken rule changes, public relations costs will affect the products in a single price.

The more asymmetric information, the greater the price change. The information asymmetry was one of the main reasons of laser cutting machine industry profits, which is not only the objective limitations of social communication and communication technology, there are subjective reasons for manufacturers circulation artificial limits on the regional market information. With the market information gradually, the amount of information asymmetry problems are being solved, so that the conventional laser cutting machine machine and accessories price transparency. But with the Internet and the media publicity, brand diffusion (non customer recognition) is very easy. Eliminate information asymmetry, expand visibility can be done from different sales channels of laser cutting machine.

The profit of manufacturer and channel is unified and opposite. Only both to make money, to continue cooperation in various fields, to further brand and regional market, bigger and stronger; but at the same time, in a certain period of time, product quality and brand image is fixed, the customer can afford the price is limited, in the limited area price, remove the cost, profit some. I will be more than you, I will be more than you. In order to ensure their own interests, both sides have a bottom line, below the bottom line, may be not a single, so the price by the manufacturers and distributors of the bottom line, if the bottom line is high price high price is low; the bottom line, can become low.

Price competition is often not only to the price level emerged, but the price of mixed form of brand on the market. Such as the price of 2000 yuan, apple and millet, a let consumers feel very cheap, a feeling a little expensive, customers will make different choices of the same price. Similarly, in view of the different laser cutting machine brand and the same price, the customer will be combined with the actual needs and their own economic situation, make different choices. This is why the laser cutting machine manufacturer for high low positioning of their products and price, different grades of products and prices, and to meet the different needs of customers.

In the 2000mw laser pointer cutting machine is more and more mature today, the brand, product and enterprise competition, has not been a single element of competition, in addition to price, quality dominant factors, an important aspect of services, value-added, channel, enterprise development strategy is the recessive elements of enterprise and brand long-term development, sustainable development of competition. Only do the brutal competition in the complex market environment, to stand in the forest of the brand of laser cutting machine.

Laser Produced Plasma in Dark Mode

Le 6 janvier 2017, 11:50 dans Humeurs 0

Researchers at the University of Artaud in Finland, for the first time developed a plasma laser, which can operate at a frequency of visible light and can use the so-called dark mode.

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The lasers operate at a wavelength that is 1,000 times smaller than the thickness of human hair. The light-trapping lifetime at such a small size is so short that only a few tens or hundreds of revolutions of the light are made at this time. This study opens up new prospects for chip research with coherent light sources, such as miniaturization and ultrafast 50mw laser pointer.

The laser operation in this work is based on silver nanoparticles, and the particles are placed in a periodic array. The feedback of the laser signal with the conventional is through the ordinary mirror of the laser compared to that of the nanometer laser which utilizes the radiation coupling between the silver nanoparticles. These 100 nanometer-sized particles act as tiny antennas. To produce high-intensity lasers, the distance between the particles is matched with the wavelength, and all the radiation of the particle array is consistent. Organic fluorescent molecules are used to provide the required input energy (gain) of the high power laser pointer.

One of the main challenges in achieving such lasers is that, for gain, at such a small size, light may not be present for long enough. Researchers have found a way to solve this potential problem: they produce a laser in the dark mode.

"Dark mode can be intuitively understood with conventional antennas: single antenna, where the driving current is applied, the radiation is very intense, and if the opposite current is applied and placed very close to each other, the radiation from the two antennas "Explains Professor P I IVI T RM RM of the Faculty. "The dark pattern in the nanoparticle array produces similar phase currents in each nanoparticle, but now the frequency of the visible light can be achieved," she continues.

"Dark mode is attractive, for this application requires low power consumption, but without any skill, dark mode 300mw laser pointer will be useless, because the light is trapped in the nanoparticle array can not leave, The research scientist Tommi Hakala added. "Using the small size of the array, however, we found a guide path for light, pointing to the edge of the array where the behavior of nanoparticles began to become more and more like an ordinary antenna that radiates into the outer world," says Dr. Heikki Rekola Said.

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